I understand that just as every voice is different, every person’s own goals are different, so if you are wanting to rigorously train for that once in a life time job or you are beginning to experiment with your first few notes as a singer I will develop creative and inspiring courses unique to you!
A typical lesson will start with warm up’s on the piano introducing exercises to relax the larynx, develop foundation breathing control and acknowledge what each part of the body should be doing for best results when singing. We then put this into practice for the rest of a lesson; performing songs and critiquing them in sections. As I get to know you as a person, your aspirations and your unique voice we will split the time for best results.
Our singing lessons are built from a coaching plan developed by Exeter Singing Lessons, drawing from years of experience. Focusing on everything from technique (this is usually the most popular topic) to song performance, our lessons will help build the strength your voice needs, ensuring you reach your vocal potential. The lessons can also cover any of these topics below should you be interested:
• Song writing
• Auditioning & audition material
• Singing alternate genres & each genres differences
• Studio recording
• Live performance, stage technique and ‘patter’
• Mic technique
• Vocal health, nutrition & lifestyle tips

Lesson prices
ONE HOUR – £25
The majority of my singing students take a lesson once a week, with a few taking lessons every other week. The frequency and the length of our lessons is completely up to you, with weekly hour lessons really helping to develop your voice with speed. To book a lesson with me, contact me via the contact page.